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GROUP | Thinking Into Results | w/ Inner Circle & Diamond Pin Manifestation Coach: Kathleen Cameron

Are you ready for massive success in life, love and business?

Work alongside other, passionate people who are all there to support each other and manifest the lives of their dreams.

The $2,000.00 deposit is the first payment you need to make to get started in the program. 

From here on out, every month for the next five months you will be invoiced for $1,800 per month. 

What you'll get:

  • The exact process for how you can manifest the life, love, and business of your dreams.
  • Coach from both an Inner Circle and Diamond Pin Coach, who has been taught by Bob Proctor, himself. 
  • The support from not only Kathleen but her incredible team of Success Advisors. 

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What People Are Saying:

"Before starting the Thinking into Results program I was directionless, frequently depressed and was only envisioning a future of working at a job that is unfulfilling, literally walking in circles. Since starting this program I have clear goals for my future, my anxiety is gone and I am really happy! This program has given me tools that have impacted my life in such positive ways. These tools keep me motivated and focused on my amazing future I know I am creating! I am so grateful to Kathleen for her guidance and for the Thinking into Results program!!!"

Suzie Tiffany

"This program has been so amazing for me so far, and I'm just shy of being halfway through my first round. I began the program with 1 team member in my business, and since beginning this program I have added an additional 5 team members! My income is increasing. My mindset has completely changed. This is helping me in so many different areas of my life with my kids, family, friendships, in addition to my business. I am becoming a happier and healthier person all around."

Lauren Nicole

"Senior Director, This is what happens when you jump out of your comfort zone, face fears and go after what you desire! I have been chasing this goal since October. I would get to the last week of the month and say oh well...not happening this month. What made a difference this month? A few things...I didn’t take my eye off the prize!! I held onto this vision until the end. I was motivated because I had clearly defined goals and I shifted my mindset around money and how I approached my business. I began the Thinking into Results course and Kathleen helped me do all of the above. I have a Zyia mentor and a team of amazing ladies who helped me obtain this goal! Thank you!! A month ago I was stuck in the same place I had been for months in my business. I didn’t have the money to invest but I flipped that thought around and realized I couldn’t afford NOT to invest. Three weeks yes 3 weeks into the program I have moved my business forward and doubled my commission."

Nadia Francis

Since joining TIR in January 2020, 4 months ago my side hustle monthly income has just kept growing- on track for this month to be close to 10KIt’s blowing my mind that I lost $4,500 in income from being laid off from my dental hygiene career this past month due to COVID19 but yet here I am bringing in over 5K! We are in charge of our outcome! Not the economy! We create our own economy!I don’t qualify for any help from the government so o created my own relief fund. Since joining TIR I’ve earned double my investment to start the course ringing in at $15,450 for 4 months!We have the power in our hands! Let’s keep vibing high!!!!!

Courtney Donaldson