Are you ready to create your own Millionaire Mind?

The Millionaire Academy is perfect for anyone who wants to be a millionaire but isn’t sure where to start or how to take their current business to the next level.

I Want To Be A Millionaire!
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You have the drive, the desire and the will to develop your millionaire mind… but you’re struggling trying to figure it all out on your own!

Here’s a look behind the curtain of my Millionaire Academy...

3-6 Month Intensive Course and Coaching Program

What's Included?


Guidance From Real Life Experts

(who have done it themselves)

In this interactive experience, you will learn from Kathleen Cameron, who has actually reached the seven-figure milestone. The Millionaire Academy has been designed to support you as you reach greater income heights than you ever thought possible. 

Clear, Actionable Steps To Get You From Where You Are Now To Where You Deserve To Be

(what most courses leave out, and forget)

It is one thing for you to be taught what to do, which will only get you so far. I want to ensure you know HOW to do it too. So many courses don't teach exactly how to become a millionaire, they simply share tactics and tips on what to do to start the process. That's what makes Millionaire Academy different than any other course you have taken. I am a self-made multi-millionaire, and I did it all in less than one year. NOW I want to take exactly what I have learned, and share it with you, so you too can become a millionaire.


Accountability to Go Deep Into Your Own Personal Transformation

(what you need to become a millionaire)

In the self-guided lessons, you are encouraged to take complete responsibility for your personal transformation. I will provide you with the what and the how, but you must go all-in on yourself. This course work will take dedication on your part and complete accountability to your own journey.


I Want To Be A Millionaire!

"In this intensive coursework and coaching program, you can expect incredible results through the work that you put in. Follow along, trust the process, and show up for yourself and your business every day. And you can change your mindset to  BECOME a MILLIONAIRE."

Kathleen Cameron

As the founder, she has led her team to incredible heights through the power of manifestation. Having manifested 3.3 million dollars in sales, during a global pandemic. She has since become the top PGI Consultant, a task few have ever been able to accomplish - in record time. As a current Inner Circle Member and Diamond Pin Holder, Kathleen shares her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects with.


Prior to this incredible success, Kathleen was a nurse and high-level network marketer. She holds multiple degrees, is a leadership expert, and has been able to transfer her knowledge to so many others in a way that brings everyone's vibration up alongside hers. Kathleen went from making $3,000 a month to over $300,000 a month with her determination, unwavering belief, and incredibly mentorship by Bob Proctor himself.


Throughout your membership, Kathleen will be sharing her insights and expertise during monthly training sessions to help you manifest more. You won't want to miss a single lesson from Kathleen!

I Want To Be A Millionaire!

Will you be the poster child for future Millionaire Academy sessions?

Whenever someone hears you’re a millionaire they think one of two things:


“That could never be me” or “How do I learn to do the same?”


People in the first category are the ones who have excuses instead of results, blame everyone else (their parents, their boss, the government, their ex etc) for them not reaching 7 figures.


So who are the people in the second category?


Grab yourself a mirror because those people are you!


You have the drive, the desire and the will to develop your millionaire mind… but you’re struggling trying to figure it all out on your own.

I Want To Be A Millionaire!


Through my 12 week Millionaire Academy you will learn to truly embody what a millionaire looks like, sounds like, thinks, says and does. You will learn how to make decisions from a place of already having everything you could ever want. You will learn to dream bigger than you have ever allowed yourself before (and then some!). And you will learn exactly what it takes to be truly abundant.


Ready to join me? I can’t wait to welcome my next soon-to-be millionaires into The Millionaire Academy.

I Want To Be A Millionaire!

"This program is so much more than a step by step guide to creating wealth; It's a complete rebirth into my most abundant life!"


"When listening to Kathleen's lessons you can literally feel her belief transferring to you."


"Successful people will tell you to find someone who has done what you want to do and model them. This is what I have done and I have surpassed my biggest goals to date! I highly recommend learning from Kathleen!"



I want to be a Millionaire!